Ice Bucket Challenge: Chilling for charity in the West

Not so long ago the idea of throwing buckets of ice-cold water over ourselves as a fundraising idea would have been laughed at. However…we have now seen how social media can ignite even the most unlikely of ideas and enthuse even the most reluctant of us to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge. This frosty challenge has become a worldwide phenomenon and has raised incredible funds for the MNDA and much needed awareness of MND.

[youtube id=”qysYT5c82xU” align=”center” autoplay=”yes”]

Staff and volunteers connected to the Bristol MND Care Centre got involved on the grounds of Southmead in early October. Two AVs – Solomia in the grey top and Heather on the extreme right took part with Andria (neurologist), Helen (co-ordinator) and various other therapists connected with the Care Centre.

Ice Bucket Challenge - AV Gemma

AV – Gemma Storrs

Several of us at the BBWW MNDA group  also joined the craze by accepting our nominations, dowsing ourselves in the cold stuff and sending off the all-important text, or donating online.

Gareth (with brothers) helped to spread the word further by challenging our local MP, Charlotte Leslie, who succumbed to the pressure of several nominations and rose to the challenge in style.

The Weaver Ice Bucket Challenge

Gareth Weaver and brothers Simon & Adam

Not content with just one soaking, Ms Leslie charged onlookers to watch her take on the Ice Bucket Challenge in public, and invited them to donate £5 for the privilege of pouring their very own bucket over her. Good effort Charlotte!

Thank you to everyone who has taken part and captured themselves on camera.

If you don’t fancy the thought of having a bucket of ice thrown over you there are plenty of ways you can volunteer to help support the group and MND Association.

Just take a look at our Volunteering page and get in touch!