New chairs for the Winsley Support Group

At our Winsley Support Group in early March, I was very pleased to hand over a cheque from the local Friends of Bradford on Avon Community Health Care. They wanted to help someone or persons in the Bradford and Winsley locality and placed a letter in the ‘letters’ page of the local paper.

Winsley group

Winsley Support Group

I answered their letter and much to my delight received an award of £1000 from
the League to make a difference in our Winsley Support Group.

Previously at our group meetings, we had the most uncomfortable chairs and they were too low and had no arms. We had permission from our Chairman, Andrew Grundy, to use the funds to purchase new chairs.

I would like to acknowledge here our grateful thanks to the Bradford on Avon League of Friends for their generous gift.

Daphne Cox (Association Visitor/Coordinator)