What is MND?

motor-neurons-in-the-body-src-sciencesway-comMotor Neurone Disease (MND) is a progressive disease that attacks the motor neurones, or nerves, in the brain and spinal cord. This means messages gradually stop reaching muscles, which leads to weakness and wasting.

MND can affect how you walk, talk, eat, drink and breathe. However, not all symptoms necessarily happen to everyone and it is unlikely they will all develop at the same time, or in any specific order.

Although there is currently no cure for MND, symptoms can be managed to help those affected achieve the best possible quality of life.

More information can be found in the About MND section of the Associations website.

Newly diagnosed?

For some, knowing there is a clear cause of their symptoms can come as a relief. For others, the diagnosis is like a thunderbolt.

Whatever reaction you have is completely normal and a whole range of advice, support and information is available. Whatever your circumstances, you need not feel alone, we are here to help.

For more information visit the Newly Diagnosed section of the MND Association website or contact MND Connect, the helpline is on 03457 626262 or email mndconnect@mndassociation.org.